President Trump's Late Night Tweet

President Trump’s Late Night Tweet President Donald Trump announced late Monday night, that Mexico using their strong immigration laws, is doing a very good job … U.N.: President Trump’s Late Night Tweet ====================================================== HWAV App for ROKU: HWAV App for FireTV: HWAV App for AndroidTV: HWAV app: […]

Subsidizing Our Own Demise

Subsidizing Our Own Demise “I’ve never seen anything like it in the 24 years that I’ve been doing this job,” Hastings told the reporters. “This is going back a period of 13 years where we haven’t seen apprehensions at this level.” … Subsidizing Our Own Demise ====================================================== HWAV App for ROKU: […]

Trump's Job Remains Impossible

Trump’s Job Remains Impossible The first thing the C.I.A. does before they run a coup d’état anywhere, is take over the television stations, radio signals and major newspapers. … There’s only one way out of this mess! Only One Way! ! ONLY ONE WAY OUT ! ! ! ===================================================== HWAV […]