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Hi, my name is Caitlyn and I really, really hate my dad. He is such a control freak it’s unreal! It’s started out being kinda funny, but then… Everything got a whole lot worse.
I guess it all started when I first went to high school. I was so happy to start my new classes and make new friends, but my dad was so overprotective all the time. He wouldn’t let me walk to school, instead, he drove me to school and walked me to the doors like I was a baby! It was super embarrassing in front of all my other classmates. He’d give me a kiss goodbye and call me silly pet names like ‘sweetie’ and ‘pumpkin’ which made everyone else laugh at me!
One day, a bunch of guys started teasing me and calling me ‘sweetie’. They were making kissing noises at me too. Definitely not what you want hanging over your head as you start high school. I mean, my reputation was already ruined before I’d even had a chance! But I loved my dad and I didn’t want to upset him so I let it carry on and after a little while, he eased up.
Time passed and thins kinda got back to normal, dad started to just drop me off outside instead of walking me all the way to school. But they weren’t. I got worse when this guy at school named Owen that I really, really liked asked me out on a date. I was so totally psyched to go. It was going to be my very first date ever. I’d never been happier.
Then when Owen and I got to the restaurant, OH MY GOD, guess who we found sitting at the freaking table next to us? MY DAD. He kept trying to hide his face behind a menu like he was a spy on a secret mission, but really, he just looked so silly.
I thought my date would be pissed, but he actually found it funny. We laughed a lot about how totally stupid parents can be and when we’d finished our food, we got the waitress to send a note to my dad asking him to meet us at the bar. When he had his back turned, Owen and I slipped out the door and carried on with our date in peace.
When I got home, my dad was fuming and he wouldn’t even talk to me. I guess, he didn’t like getting a taste of his own medicine. After that though, everything was ten times worse. My dad stopped giving me any space at all. He followed me absolutely everywhere I went. Then when there was a school trip to go to Washington DC and visit the Lincoln Memorial, I was so excited. But, of course, my dad had to find some way of ruining it.
He turned up on the day we were supposed to leave and argued with my teachers for AN HOUR asking them to let him go on the trip with us. He wanted to sit on the bus as well, but of course, he wasn’t allowed. I begged him to stop and just go home. I didn’t understand why he wanted to come so bad and it was so frustrating. I thought he’d give up, but nothing ever seemed to stop him.
As we drove off, I looked out through the back window and OH MY GOD. My dad’s car was following us! I couldn’t believe he’d go this far! There was nothing I could do though, I felt so helpless. I just figured he’d get a lecture from my principal when we got back, but… Then he did something you’ll never believe!
He pulled up in front of the bus and slammed on the breaks, forcing us to stop. The bus driver was totally mad and so were all my teachers. My dad ran up to the door and started banging on it until it opened. He said the bus driver was going way too fast and that he was going to get me killed in an accident!
When everyone called him crazy, he said he was going to call the police to question the driver! Except they ended up arresting my father instead of the driver!
I was so humiliated I couldn’t bear continuing the trip. I called my mom to come pick me up and take me home. We talked about dad and she said she had no idea why he was doing this all of a sudden either. I’d never been so frustrated in my life. If I had an answer, then maybe I’d understand why my dad, who used to be fun and cool, was being such a bonehead lately!
But there was nothing I could do, so I went upstairs to use the computer to try and get some homework done, when I saw a folder I’d never really looked at before. It was called ‘ELLIE’. I don’t know why I did it, but I clicked on it and it asked me for a password. Right then, I knew something fishy was going on! So, I tried a bunch of different words to see what worked, the make of my dad’s car, my mom’s name, my dad’s date of birth… Then I tried my name and OH MY GOD, it worked! And you’ll never believe what I found!


44 thoughts on “My Dad Is An Overprotective Freak”

  1. I can relate, my dad is overprotective because he from Jamaica and he cousin gone into a motorcycle accident. I guess he is still worried about me letting me leave “the net” basically.

  2. Hey that’s what my dad would do with the school thing but I didn’t care….. now my dad seems to not give a sh— about me… don’t be so spoiled about that and don’t be embarrassed… it’s a pleasure but the rest of it was a bit…. uhh too much.

  3. My dad is overprotective in a weird way, but he has no excuse to be, my sister and I are always cautious with stuff, my dad always wants to know everything about me even though I dont hide anything and takes things to the next level

  4. See what i do at my first day of high school i was first time going from car he said i am also coming with u i explained her my feelings and yah thats easy right

  5. I mean……. you can’t really decide wether or not youll suffer the same fate as your relative. Best to say. If something happens to me I’ll always be with you or whatever instead of giving a empty promise to where you could die in a freak car crash the next day or 10 minutes from now

  6. My mom's sister (my aunt) was killed in the yugoslavian war before I was born and mom always says that I look like her when she was young…

    Today's her Birthday…

    Happy Birthday ❤️…

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