Redditors in hiring positions: What small things immediately make you say no to the potential employee? Why?

Do you have any tips of your own? Share yours in the comments!

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30 thoughts on “What NOT to do at a job interview (Human Voice) | r/AskReddit”

  1. If my ass can show up to work on time(45 minutes early), every day on a 2 hour commute on public transport for 2 years… yeah, no excuses.

    From the reverse side;

    Once had an interview that went so well the dude was literally shaking my hand and handing me the time to show up for training even the contact phone number for the trainer.

    Showed up that day to find the trainer wasn't there. Got in contact with the HR person who signed me up and after he apologized he scheduled me and the two others he'd brought in for another day of training. Showed up again, two days later, the guy was there but had no idea he was doing any kind of training. We went to the HR person… again, and he said he'd figure it out and call us back in the next 48 hours.

    3 days go by and I call myself. They tell me he's not in for the day. I ask when or who I can speak to, they tell me everything was done through him and to call the next day bright and early.

    I do, get a hold of him and he tells me he hasn't had a chance to line up a trainer and so there wasn't anything scheduled. I asked him to please let me know as at that point I would be out of a job in less than a week and I didn't want a gap in employment. He says it's fine, give him 2 days and he'll contact me back.

    I call two days later. He says HE called ME(He didn't) to tell me about scheduling THIS day. That it was going to start in less than an hour.

    I rush through hell to get ready and show up within 5 minutes to spare.

    No. Trainer. In. Sight.

    I'm told by security, a supervisor AND a manager that they don't know what happened but they'd contact me as soon as they figure it out. I asked them when I should expect a call. They say in a few days as they're going to be promoting someone else. They INSIST this is just the (former) trainers' fault.

    I tell them that I NEED to be sure I'm getting a job out of this as at this point I was out quite a bit of money AND I wouldn't have a job by the beginning of next week and I would HAVE to look around for another job. They say it's fine, everything will be sorted out. AGAIN I ask them to PLEASE make sure they still want me and I even get sent to the same HR again where he tells me that he ABSOLUTELY wants me on FULL time and he will PERSONALLY make sure he contacts me come time for training and since he knows I use Public Transport if it came down to it he'd give me a ride himself. I turn the last part down and give him a few more phone numbers for friends who could get in contact with me if he can't get in touch with me again.

    Three days go by again. I call and NO ONE is in the office. No one knows what I'm talking about and they haven't had the HR guy in the office for more than a week. I ask the person I'm speaking to over the phone if ANYTHING is being done about training and she responds with "Um…as far as I know there's no scheduled new hire training as those slots were filled the week before." I asked her if there were even any more positions open in their company. She says no, but they'd keep my number on file.

    I went looking for another job. Less pay but WAY easier to get to.

    I get a call from this company two months later asking me why I didn't show up for my scheduled training(that I was never told about) and over the course of the next four months I was continuously left voice mail messages of their interest to hire me on and to PLEASE respond.

    I didn't.

    This wasn't a tiny company, this was a HUGE company and the position I'd signed on for was on an IT team that worked the whole building. Good pay, fairly entry level. I never responded. I'd rather work for Mcdonalds than for a company like that.

  2. 9:48
    I've never been in the position of "Hiring Manager" but I can safely say that being a normal human being who's is polite, informative and genuinely interested in the position they're applying for has greatly improved my chances of actually landing jobs compared to just going in, answering yes or no questions and not giving the hiring manager ANYTHING to chew on that may give them a better idea of what kind of person I am and my interests in the position.

  3. 1 I HATE those robot channels. So i'll echo the common "ask Reddit? Oh, that'll be a robot. Oh. Human? Well okay then." So it's good you specified in title.

    2. You (and several other Reddit YouTubers) include mention of clicking on the Outro for more of your videos. And yet…not setting that up.
    Either add the feature…or stop pimping the feature. Either is fine.

  4. "Those guys were all a**holes." I had a friend who had trouble keeping a job because the people he worked for were a**holes. Finally, I told him that if he worked for a**holes in the last eight jobs, maybe THEY weren't the a**holes in the equation?

    At least he got drugs to calm his behavior…

  5. Tip as someone doing interviews this week: first impressions matter A LOT. I can tell within five minutes max (often as soon as they walk in the door) whether I want to work with someone. Being approachable, humble, and human will get you everywhere. I'd rather someone be nervous and a little awkward in an interview than someone who's an arrogant shithead.

  6. Do NOT answer "what is your biggest weakness" by pretending a strength is a weakness (I work too much, I'm a perfectionist, etc). Interviewers hate that shit. Give a real weakness, followed up with how you account for that weakness in your day to day life. For example, I have short-term memory loss, so I carry a notebook at all times so I can write stuff down.

  7. Advise for employers, even if it is true, NEVER tell an employee that you hired them to "fill a quota". Instant destruction of employee morale.

  8. About that book question, I always just answer the Narnia Trilogy. Not the last book I've read but I know the story inside and out, so just in case the interviewer has read it too and starts talking about it I don't look like an idiot.

    I learned this the hard way.

  9. Re: The story at about 6:03 – WHY be a jerk to people giving you a service, when being nice and polite will get you MUCH better service AND make the other person's life easier.

  10. I used to work at McDonalds. A person from my school had applied multiple times and never got interviewed. I decided to "help" her by allowing her to use me as a reference. I warned all the managers that she was a pain to work with and extremely rude. She got hired and I got $50 more in my pay check. Less than a month later she was fired. She stole hundreds of dollars worth of food. She was rude to everyone. After she was fired she threatened the managers and to burn down the restuarant. She tried putting applications in to all the places in our area and no one would hire her. When she applied to McDonalds again everyone had a great laugh as her application was thrown out. Side note, this girl from that point forward decided that physical and verbal bullying of me at gym class was the next best course of action. She wonders why no one will hire her.

  11. I made it very clear to the woman who hired me that I have a dark sense of humor and that I am able to leave it at home. She was happy that I was honest about it and called me 2 days later. Been there for almost 2 years and holy shit I love my coworkers. They all have my sense of humor, so I just hide it from customers

  12. i remember when i was a teenager going for my first job, my parents told me to be honest, dont lie, be yourself.etc
    never got hired (when they ask why i want the job, the truthful answer was because i want the money)

    started lying by spouting kiss ass bullshit on my applications and i get hired after a few years of applications

    never tell the truth when filling out a job application

  13. I see a lot of people saying how they love a human voice and I have to agree. I have unsubscribed from a few channels that I discovered were mostly text to voice. Text to voice is so annoying, droning on in the same tone. I can't stand it and for some reason I'm not able to figure out it aggravates my PTSD quickly.

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