34 thoughts on “Job Search for Veterans | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2019”

  1. This ad popped up and I am not even mad! This message is so heart warming! Every time I get this advertisement, I cannot force myself to skip it. It is just heart warming, wish the best of luck to you veterans! I love you, thank you for keeping our country safe. Everyday you risk your life for the sake of this country, and your life is something to value, but to you veterans, everything is valuable. You do not care about your life, you are just hoping we are safe. Show our veterans respect will you? They put their lives at risk for us, these veterans need to be treated better than how they are. Again, I love you and I appreciate everything you do! Thank you! Wish the best for you!

  2. knapa file by google sekarang ga bisa dapet bonus lagi dan menautkan akun google aja ga bisa tolong di perbaiki secepat cepatnya agar yang menggunakan apk ini bisa nyaman dan betah bila ada event seperti mendapatkan bonus slado google 6000 setiap tranfer file nya

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