My advice on how to start a career in voice over acting and the next steps to take!

VO Resources:
Blue Snowball Microphone (searcn ebay for cheaper):
Pop Filter:
Rode NT1A Microphone:
Shure PG42 Microphone no longer in production I don’t think? Try ebay.
Garage Band:
Behind The Voice Actors Casting Call:
Voice Over Demos (not actually as much as I’d hoped on YouTube!):
Talkin Toons with Rob Paulsen:

VO Buzz Weekly:
Voice Acting Mastery with Crispin Freeman:
Gravy For The Brain:
Voice Over Voice Actor Book:
I Know That Voice Documentary:
Dee Bradley Baker’s website:

Other mentioned stuff:
Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV:
The Dark Ones:
Rugrats shirt from:





25 thoughts on “How to start a Voice Acting Career (vo demos, agents, auditions, more)”

  1. Hey Brizzy I just started a month ago got me a coach, I'll shout him out Randy Hames, and I'm curious to ask a younger person, do you know of any communities to join, maybe on Facebook, or well anywhere?

  2. 1. love your nickname πŸ™‚ 2. love your info, gonna share it with a college theater dept group… 3. love your vcice …thumbs up, looking forward to hearing you on stuff πŸ™‚

  3. Hello brizzy. I discovered you today. My dream was always to become a voice actor.
    I loved acting and joined many clubs during my school time, but out of personal stuff happening I stopped that.
    It's my dream since I can think of, I also made some voice overs with a friend of mine some years ago. It wasn't like super successful but we had some fans.
    Was just really stupid anime dubs.

    Do you think that I could become a voice actor even I'm not actively acting right now?
    I'm from Germany and live here, but I'm training on an English accent and can pull off a few others.
    I know you're probably too busy to coach me a little, but I figured I could try. Last year was rough and I want to fulfill my dream.
    Thanks for reading

  4. Thing is, I want to do voice-acting, I've been doing very well in classes such as Theatre Speech and Stage Dialects so far and my parents got me I think the same mic and preamp that Brizzy has, but I also am training as a theatre generalist because I really want to become a stage actress as well, acting is something I've loved since I was little and have been doing since middle school, along with singing, AND on top of that, I also want to be an author/playwright because I've been told I'm a really good writer. I don't think I can imagine myself giving up any of those three career paths, especially because I'm kicking off my voice acting on a site called where I'm currently in two free Danganronpa fan projects. But I'm also worried I'm gonna run myself thin. What the heck do I do? How do I build up and keep up my mental health while also doing as much of what I love as possible?

  5. ALSO; I'm not a professional voice actor, but I am currently a theatre generalist at university and have a little tool that can be very helpful if utilized well; for any actor who wants to specialize in characters with dialects or even just want to learn how to be more articulate/say words correctly, LEARN THE INTERNATIONAL PHONETIC ALPHABET (IPA). When I took Theatre Speech 2 in my sophomore year of college, the primary focus of the class was learning how to write in IPA and how to correctly pronounce words (we even had an IPA exam that, if you didn't pass, you would fail the class).
    Start with just learning the IPA, the basic symbols, where and when to place stress marks, practice writing them out and speaking them. Find someone who knows IPA, have them say words or sentences to you that you need to write out. And I cannot stress this enough; buy an IPA dictionary. The one we use is called "A Pronouncing Dictionary of American English" by John S. Kenyon and Thomas A. Knott. Once you have a basic understanding and grasp on the IPA, that's when I recommend learning dialects. And for the dialects, I recommend "Stage Dialects" by Jerry Blunt.
    I just finished Stage Dialects 1 this past semester with a final grade of A-, and we learned five standard dialects. Based on my experience, I recommend starting out with learning Received Pronounciation, which is basically a fancy way of saying High British dialect.
    After that we learned Cockney, then French, Scottish, and finally German. What the professor did was that he had a specific play for each dialect and two monologues, one for guys and one for girls. We had to write it out in the IPA, peer-grade it next class, learn the substitutions for the dialect, peer-grade THAT next class, workshop the monologue a little, and then spend 3 class periods doing performance projects and giving feedback. Repeat four more times.
    These are the plays that were picked out for each dialect:
    Received Pronounciation (High British): "The Importance of Being Earnest," which everyone should read regardless of their desire to become a voice actor because it is so funny.
    Cockney: "Pygmalion." Though you may know it better by the name of its musical version "My Fair Lady."
    French: "Cyrano de Bergerac."
    Scottish: "Brigadoon."
    German: "Mother Courage and Her Children."

    I'm taking Stage Dialects 2 next semester and we're gonna be learning American Southern (specifically the non-rhotic Southern, think Southern Belle kind of sound or "Gone with the Wind" or basically any Tennessee Williams play, this is one I'm excited for because I LOVE Tennessee Williams and I LOVE that kind of American Southern dialect.), Irish, Italian, Russian, and Brooklyn.


  6. Ahh somebody help me i try to make a voice acting but when i listen to it it sounds like im a little girl maybe 3 yrs old ? and my real voice in real life is like a tomboy(i guess) cause i shout everyday to those little freaking 4 brothers? by the way i use my tablet's and my dad's phone to record my voice using voice recorder?but still i cant upload my videos with an idiot 3 year old voice it sound like an idiot if my vids are 18 yr old or older?im 13 yr old?and still has a 3 yr old voice acting?

    And by the way the best place i go for my voice acting is on the basement or in the roof and if want a laud voice in the bathroom at night when 12:00 am and no ones still awake in the house if someone still awake im sure i got the hellest bloopers of all?

    Kill me how can i change mah voice its like an idiot i do everything i can but still its like a child (i even sneak to my dad's storage room to use his microphone?)still didnt work

    Do i realy need to voice act in a child i dont want to do that?

  7. What if your into musical theater but you also think you could do voice acting but your not 100% sure? I mean after I watch movies and cartoons a lot and after maybe the 50th time or something I think I could possibly do the voice depending on what it sounds like

  8. Very helpful and informational video! Thank you so much for posting this! I'm joining those web-sites you mentioned and trying to get started now! πŸ˜€

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