Follow Francis as he’s escaping from a literal cult made up of cats. I’ve been planning this voiceover scene for a while now! I love the movie Felidae so much, the storyline is so interesting, I’ve even got the book!
Minor warning for this voiceover, discussion of sexual encounters are involved? NightmareSnake and Glowing Aurora did an amazing job voice acting, check them out below!
I recommend this amazing movie, considering you are okay with strong graphic images, sexual references and lots of swearing.

Check out the amazing voice actors!❥
NightmareSnake –
Avaltah (Me) –
Glowing Aurora –

Sound Effects Used❥
Official Felidae Soundtrack –
Royalty Free SFX –

a blooper that gives us all life –


8 thoughts on “Felidae – Francis Meets Felicity (VOICEOVER ft. NightmareSnake)”

  1. Hello! I got a notification that you wanted to redo your part for This is Home but YouTube is being stupid and wont let me see it ;-;. If you still want to redo it, I’d like it done sometime in February :3
    Also, you did really well on the voiceover!

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