The #1 Voice Over Performance Secret

Voice Over Training – – Become a Voice Actor With The Great Voice Company. … Would you like to enjoy life, make some extra money on the side and express yourself doing voice overs? … A free subscription to your “Inside Voice Over” FREE weekly Video Training with voice […]

H. Jon Benjamin: Clown Prince of Voiceover

This is a tribute to one of the all-time best (and my personal favorite) voiceover actors. Jon Benjamin’s unmistakable gritty voice, dry wit and impeccable comedic timing have tickled our ears now for over twenty-three years. He has voiced nearly a hundred differents characters for dozens of animated series and […]

Tâm sự đêm khuya: Sự tích Phương Thơm VoiceOver | Những thằng DISLIKE thực chất nó là ai?

Tâm sự đêm khuya: – Lịch sử ra đời giọng đọc Phương Thơm Voice Over – Những thằng dislike thực chất nó là ai? – Tâm sự nỗi lòng của người làm nghề đọc sách audio books Tác giả: PHƯƠNG THƠM: ———————————- Việc làm online tại nhà, Làm việc […]

Voice Over Recording Equipment + Pre-Production Tips

In this video, Oliver J Hughes provides 3 quick tips for maximizing the quality and mix of your voiceover. These techniques can make make just about any mic sound good and can be implemented even on a tight budget. Oliver’s Channel! Watch Part 1! Soundproofing Curtains: Support […]